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  • There are a variety of ways to make an audio call using the Bell Total Connect mobile app.
  • To call one of your contacts, touch the Contacts tab and select the person you would like to call, then touch the phone icon beside the desired number to place a call.
  • To dial a number that is not stored in your contacts, touch the Call tab, use the dial pad to enter a phone number, and then touch the Call icon to place the call.
  • To call someone you have recently called (or that has recently called you), touch the History tab, touch a call entry and touch Voice call, or touch the information (i) button next to the desired call and then touch the phone icon to place a call.
  • To call someone you are chatting with, touch the phone icon in your chat to place the call.
  • Note: There is a chance your call may be dropped if you switch from one network to another while you are on a call. To maintain call quality, we recommend that you use the call back option or turn off Wi-Fi (and remain on LTE) before switching between networks.