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  • After selecting a group, click the Manage attendants link from the Quick access section.
    Note: Group administrators will not have to select a group prior to this step.
  • Auto Attendant options — Modify the Auto Attendant’s profile details and call flow options. You can also delete the Auto Attendant from this page.
    Note: You can delete only Auto Attendants created using extensions. Please contact your Bell service representative to delete any Auto Attendants created using a 10-digit phone number.
  • Auto Attendant number — Change the Auto Attendant’s extension.
    Note: For the Voice Portal to associate the greeting to the appropriate Auto Attendant, you must first define the extension number for the Auto Attendant. If the Auto Attendant is associated to a 10-digit phone number, Bell will have already established the extension number and it will be listed on the Bell Total Connect Web Portal. If no 10-digit number is associated to the Auto Attendant, you will need to establish the extension number in this menu.
  • Set Business hours or Set after hours menu – Modify the Auto Attendant’s greeting and call prompts for the business hours and after-hours.