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  • You can choose the Auto Attendant’s greeting and call prompts for both the Business hours menu and After hours menu.
  • 1. After selecting a group, click the Manage attendants link from the Quick access section.
    Note: Group administrators will not have to select a group prior to this step.
  • 2. Click on the name of the Auto Attendant you want to modify.
  • 3. Click on Call routing.
  • 4. Click on either the Set business hours menu or Set after hours menu.
  • 5. Select one of the Business hours greeting options to either play a Default greeting that uses a generic system recording and does not identify your organization by name, or a Custom greeting that plays a personalized message of your choosing.
  • 6. If you select Custom greeting, select an audio file (these files are stored in the Announcement Manager).
    Note: You can also use the Bell Total Connect Voice Portal to record your greeting. Your recordings are then automatically added to your Announcement Manager file list. To access the Voice Portal from your phone:
    • Dial *62
    • Enter the passcode from your company administrator when prompted
    • Follow the prompts to record a greeting
  • 7. Check Enable first-level extension dialling to allow callers to enter the extension of the party they want to reach without having to select a menu option first.
    Note: If this option is enabled, the Auto Attendant will follow its initial greeting and first-level menu with the prompt, “If you know the extension of the party you are trying to reach, dial it now.”
  • 8. Configure your call menu’s prompts by entering a description next to each key as required.
  • 9. Select the associated Action for each required key from the drop-down list.
    • Transfer with prompt – Plays the message, “Your call is being transferred, please hold,” and then transfers the call to the number specified in the Phone number field.
    • Transfer without prompt – Transfers the call to the number specified in the Phone number field without playing a transfer message.
    • Transfer to operator – Plays the message, “Please stay on the line while your call is transferred to the operator,” and then transfers the call to the number specified in the Phone number field.
    • Name dialling – Brings the user into the automated name directory.
    • Extension dialling – Prompts the user for an extension and then transfers the user.
    • Transfer to mailbox — Prompts the caller for an extension and then transfers directly to voicemail.
    • Play announcement — Plays a custom message from your company's announcement manager.
    • Repeat menu – Replays the auto attendant greeting.
    • Exit – Terminates the call.
    Note: For some of these menu options, you must enter a phone number in addition to assigning a keypad number or symbol shortcut. In these cases, a box in the Phone number column is visible.
  • 10. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.