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  • 1. After selecting a group, click Call Management.
  • 2. Click Business Lines.
  • 3. Click Call Manager queue.
  • 4. Click on the queue you would like to modify.
  • 5. Click Call Manager queue options.
  • 6. In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for the Call Manager Queue.
  • 7. In the Calling line ID last name and Calling line ID first name fields, enter the last and first name for the Call Manager Queue.
  • 8. From the Department drop-down list, assign the Call Manager queue to a specific department or select None to assign the Call Manager Queue to the group level.
  • 9. From the Language drop-down list, select the language to be heard by callers.
  • 10. Select one of the following options from the Call flow option control to determine how the system routes incoming calls to agents in the queue –
    • Circular — Incoming calls hunt through agents in the order they appear in the list, starting with the agent following the last agent to receive a call. When the search reaches the end of the list, it loops back to the top and continues until it has tried all agents.
    • Sequential — Incoming calls hunt through agents in the order they appear in the list, starting from the top each time.
    • Simultaneous — Incoming calls alert all agents at the same time. The first agent to answer handles the call.
    • Uniform — Incoming calls hunt through all agents in order, starting with the agent who has been idle the longest and ending with the agent who most recently answered a call.
    • Weighted call distribution — Incoming calls are assigned to idle agents based on percentages assigned on the Weighted Call Distribution page.
  • 11. In the Queue length field, enter the number of calls that can be received by the queue.
    Note: The maximum number that can be assigned is 50.
  • 12. Check Play ringing when presenting call to have callers hear ringing when being transferred to an agent.
  • 13. Check Allow callers to dial [x] to transfer out of queue to allow callers to be redirected to voicemail by pressing a single-digit number that you can assign in the designated field.
    Note: The voicemail feature must be assigned to the queue for this option to work.
  • 14. Check Allow users to join the queue to allow an agent to join the Call Manager Queue.
  • 15. Check Allow call waiting on agents if you want agents to be notified of new calls even if they're on an existing call.
  • 16. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.