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  • The Auto Attendant application answers calls, delivers a greeting to callers, and presents them with a menu of touch-tone options to direct their calls – without the need for a live receptionist. You can record your own instructions for callers or use the default system menus and prompts. You can also establish specific menus and prompts for use during and after your regular business hours.

    Before adding an Auto Attendant, you should plan your call prompt menu and script, establish schedules for your business hours and after-hours menus (including holiday menus), and record your custom greetings (see the Call Routing Schedule section to learn how to set up these items).

    You can upload any pre-recorded .wav files saved to your computer to the Auto Attendant application to use as a custom greeting once you have established your organization’s phone menu. You can also use the voice portal to record your greetings.