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  • In this guide, we╩╝ll show you how to make a payment on your account and how to make batch payments.
  • 1. From your Corporate Self Serve dashboard select Billing in the main navigation and then under Billing and Payments select Make a Payment.
  • 2. Select from the available list of accounts. If you have multiple billing accounts, simply drill down to the billing account level by selecting View billing accounts under each associated group name.
  • 3. Select the billing account(s) you wish to pay.
    Note: To make batch bill payments using the same method of payment, simply check off multiple accounts you wish to pay on this page.
  • 4. Click Continue.
  • 5. Enter the amount you wish to pay per billing account.
  • 6. Then, choose your method of payment by entering in a new credit card or choosing from an existing card on file.
  • 7. Click Continue.
  • 8. Review your payment information and then confirm the details by clicking Submit.
  • 9. Once the payment has been processed, a confirmation email will be sent to you.