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  • In this section you will learn how to add users, set roles and permissions.
  • 1. From the main navigation in the Corporate self serve landing page, select Manage and then under the Profile & Permissions menu select Add Users.
  • 2. Enter in the new user’s details and click Continue.
  • 3. Select each Billing Account(s) the user will be associated with by checking the box next to the selected account.
  • 4. Assign a role to this user by selecting a role from the drop down menu. You can add them to multiple billing accounts as needed. Choose the appropriate role from the drop down menu or create a new one. Each role will entitle permissions based on the type of role. View the detailed permissions for each role by clicking View permissions. Once you have selected the role, click Save.
    Note: If you wish to make changes to the permissions, copy the permissions to a new role and then make the edits as needed.
  • 5. Review the completed changes on the confirmation page. In order to complete the access, the user must accept the invitation from the email that they will receive.