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  • Keep track of your activated and deactivated receivers.
  • 1. On the overview page click Activation/Deactivation.
  • 2. Search for a receiver by entering the Receiver number or Smart Card number.
    You can refine the results of the search by selecting a Model or Status of the desired receivers. To get all the receivers registered on your account, leave the status blank, click Submit (all the receivers will appear).
  • 3. Click Submit.
  • 4. Review the search results.
  • 5. On the search results page, click the Receiver number to view a summary of the past orders.
  • 6. Review the receiver information and click Back to go back to the search results page.
    More information can be seen by clicking a link in the summary.
  • 7. On the search results page, click Deactivate and then click Submit requests to deactivate the receiver. Check the Activate box to reactivate a receiver.
    Follow up information on the deactivation/reactivation request will be sent by email.