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  • Pay-per-view events become available to order 1 month before the event. The deadline to order a PPV is the Friday before the event at 15:00 EST.
  • 1. On the overview page click Pay-per-view.
  • 2. Review the list of Pay-per-view packages available. Package types are displayed to the left of each event, e.g., SD or HD.
  • 3. Package prices, event date and channel information are displayed to the right of each event.
  • 4. For this example, select HD and click Submit.
  • 5. The list of available receivers is displayed.
    You can refine the list by using the Receiver number, Smart card number or the Model of the desired receivers.
  • 6. Select the desired receiver(s).
  • 7. Click Add checked receivers.
  • 8. To add more receivers select the desired receivers and click Add checked receivers, click Complete your order to continue with the request.
  • 9. Review the pay-per-view details and click Continue.
  • 10. If required, add any notes and click Submit or go to another section of the Commercial Web Tool using the menu.