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Commercial Web Tool: Guide to Commercial Web Tool

Pay-per-view events

Pay-per-view events become available to order 1 month before the event. The deadline to order a PPV is the Friday before the event at 15:00 EST.

1. On the overview page click Pay-per-view.

2. Review the list of Pay-per-view packages available. Package types are displayed to the left of each event, e.g., SD or HD.

3. Package prices, event date and channel information are displayed to the right of each event.

4. For this example, select HD and click Submit.

5. The list of available receivers is displayed.

You can refine the list by using the Receiver number, Smart card number or the Model of the desired receivers.

6. Select the desired receiver(s).

7. Click Add checked receivers.

8. To add more receivers select the desired receivers and click Add checked receivers, click Complete your order to continue with the request.

9. Review the pay-per-view details and click Continue.

10. If required, add any notes and click Submit or go to another section of the Commercial Web Tool using the menu.