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  • Note: It is only possible to start a chat with a contact when you are both online.
  • 1. From the Contacts tab, tap on the contact with which you would like to chat. This will open their contact card.
  • 2. Tap on the chat bubble icon beside the contact’s Instant Messaging address to start a chat.
  • 3. You can also start a chat by tapping on an entry in your chat history.
  • 4. When the chat screen is open, the top bar shows the name of the contact and their availability status icon. Your messages are presented on a white background while the other party’s messages are presented on a coloured background.
  • 5. The text input field uses auto-correct, auto-capitalization and spell check based on your mobile device’s system settings.
  • 6. You can add a smiley to a message by tapping the icon and selecting one of the smiley icons provided.
  • 7. If your device is locked and you receive a new chat message, a notification is displayed on the lock screen accompanied by an alerting sound and vibration (depending on your device’s settings).