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  • There are multiple ways to start a group chat.
  • To start a group chat that will include someone you are already chatting with, tap the Add participant icon in your chat window. Your Bell Total Connect contact list will be displayed, from which you can select participants to add to your group chat. Once you have selected all the participants you would like to include, tap the check mark.
  • To start a group chat from scratch, go to the Chat tab and tap the Menu icon. Tap Start Group Chat, select the participants you would like to include in the group chat, and then tap the check mark.
  • To restart a group chat that you were previously a part of, go to the Chat tab and tap on a group chat entry in your call history list. This will restart the chat with the same participants.
  • Note: In a group chat, all messages sent by you or any other participant are visible to every person in the group. All contacts must be online to be able to participate in a group chat.

    Anyone in the group chat can add new people to the chat by tapping the Add participant icon. It is not currently possible to remove a participant from a group chat.

    Group Chat invitations will not launch the Mobile app if it is running in the background although you are signed in.