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  • 1. After logging in, click Call management.
  • 2. Click Advanced call settings.
  • 3. Click Find Me & Follow Me.
  • 4. Check Use office telephone number first to have your office phone ring before the first number in your ring sequence.
    Note: If this is unchecked, the first number in your ring sequence will be the primary destination for all incoming calls.
  • 5. Select the number of times your office phone will ring before moving on to the first number listed in your ring sequence.
  • 6. Check Continue the search process if the office telephone number is busy to have the Find Me & Follow Me feature continue to the first number in your ring sequence if your office line is busy.
    Note: If this is unchecked and your office line is busy, the search process is terminated.
  • 7. Check Enable caller to skip search process to allow the caller to stop the ring sequence by pressing the # key. If activated, the call is sent to your voicemail or to the number specified by the Call Forward No Answer feature.
  • 8. Enter up to five phone numbers to which you want calls directed and in the order you want the phone numbers to ring.
    Note: Do not include spaces, dashes or parentheses. For long-distance numbers, the prefix ‘1’ is not required. You can enter feature access codes and speed dial codes in addition to phone numbers.
  • 9. For each phone number, select the number of times you want it to ring before moving on to the next number listed in your ring sequence
  • 10. For each phone number, check Answer confirmation required if you want to receive an advisory prompt prior to the call being delivered, which will ask you to enter any digit to accept the call.
    Note: This feature makes it easy to differentiate between a call generated from the Find Me & Follow Me feature and a regular call.
  • 11. Click Add to add routing rules.
    Note: To enable Find Me & Follow Me, you must establish and activate a rule. Multiple rules can co-exist. View the topic How to add Find Me & Follow Me routing rules to learn more.
  • 12. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.