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  • To change the name of the entry, re-enter the information provided in the Description text box.
    Note: Do not use the Delete button to clear a highlighted box. The Delete button clears all information on the page.
  • To change the Forward to: number, select Use default Forward phone number, or select Forward to another phone number and then type in a new number.
  • To change the time schedule, select a new schedule from the Time schedule drop-down list.
    Note: If the time schedule you want to choose is not shown, click Time schedules on the Profiles page and define the time period you require. The new time schedule will then appear in the Time schedule drop-down list.
  • To change the phone numbers that you want forwarded, select Any phone number to forward all incoming calls or select Following phone numbers to specify a list of phone numbers to be forwarded.
    Note: You can select Any private number or Any unavailable number, or enter up to 12 phone numbers in the textboxes under the Specific phone numbers heading.
  • To delete all information on the page for the forwarding entry, click Cancel.
    WARNING: This action cannot be undone. Once you click Cancel, the entry is permanently deleted.