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  • After logging in as a Group Administrator, click Call management and then click Call routing schedules to see the list of Call Routing Schedules.
  • Click Edit from the far-right column for the group schedule you want to edit.
  • Change the name of a group schedule – In the Schedule name text box, enter the name you want to apply to your group schedule, and then click Apply.
  • Add an event to a group schedule — Click Add to open the Add an event page.
  • Change a scheduled event – Check the Edit box from the row for the event you want to change. You will be directed to a page where you can modify an event.
  • Delete a scheduled event – Check the Delete box in the row of the event you want to delete, and choose Apply or OK (Apply deletes the group schedule, while OK deletes the group schedule and brings you back to the previous page).
    Note: You cannot recover deleted schedules.
  • Search for a scheduled event – Enter your search criteria and click Find. To see all events in a schedule, click Find All. For help with defining search criteria, please see Defining search criteria.