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  • Internal Hunt Groups
    The ability to create Hunt Groups allows you (or the Auto Attendant) to direct an incoming call to a list of phone numbers assigned to a specific Hunt Group. The call can then be answered by any one of that group’s members. As an administrator, you are able to create Hunt Groups to route calls that are internal to your organization. There is no limit to the number of Hunt Groups that you can create.

    External Hunt Groups
    It is also possible to create Hunt Groups that are external to your organization. This first requires an external 10-digit number to be assigned to the external Hunt Group, so callers can reach the group without going through your internal Auto Attendant. Because a new 10-digit number is required, please contact your Bell service representative to create an external Hunt Group.

    The Hunt Group page displays a list of the Hunt Groups within your group. It also allows you to add and modify your Hunt Groups.