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  • 1. Open up the ‘My Room’ option in the Desktop app or Mobile app.
  • 2. Your audio bridge information is available under the Dial-in info.
    This consists of a dial-in audio bridge number and a unique randomly generated 6 digits long moderator conference ID.
  • 3. In the Desktop app, click on the Call or Call from phone option and you will be automatically joined into your room.
    You can also join your audio conference from your desk phone by dialling the audio bridge number and enter the 6-digit moderator ID from the dial pad.

    Note: You must dial from your desk phone or the 6-digit moderator PIN will not be recognized by the BTC system.
  • 4. In the mobile app touch on the Call option.
    The same Dial-in information is available in the mobile app.
  • Note: The audio conference cannot start until the owner of the bridge has joined. If 25 participants have joined before the bridge owner has joined, the conference call cannot be started.