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  • 1. Non-Bell Total Connect users can join your Online Collaboration session.

    You will need to send them a Guest link from the Desktop App.
  • 2. Once the guest participant clicks on the invitation link, they will be presented with a Login screen. The guest participant will have to enter their First and Last name.
    Note: The Guest client is compatible on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari.
  • 3. The room owner will see a join request in the ‘My Room’ window (in the Desktop or Mobile app) from the guest participant and will have to accept the request within 120 seconds.
  • 4. Guest clients can dial into your audio bridge manually or request the BTC audio conferencing service to call them back.
    Note: Your company administrator may have blocked certain types of Call back destinations (e.g., long distance).
  • 5. Once the guest is in the Collaboration Room, they will be able to chat with participants and view the presentation material, but they will not be able to share their own desktop or applications.