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  • The following icons indicate the phone line status…
  • Registered line:
    Indicates your phone line is logged in to the network and is now active.

    Unregistered Line:
    Indicates your phone line is not logged in to the network. You need to log in and register your line before using the set.
  • Active call:
    Indicates your phone line is in use.
  • Incoming call:
    Indicates someone is calling you. To answer the call, press the Answer soft key.
  • Held Call:
    Indicates a call has been placed on hold.
  • Placing a call:
    Indicates you have initiated a call.
  • Do not disturb enabled:
    Indicates your phone will not ring, and that all incoming calls will go directly to voicemail.
  • Active conference:
    Indicates you are in a live call with multiple parties.
  • You have messages:
    Indicates a new voicemail message is waiting in your message centre.
  • Phone warning:
    Indicates a problem with your phone, preventing it from performing certain tasks. Review your troubleshooting information to resolve the issue.