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  • You can configure the Polycom VVX 410 phone display to meet your requirements for contrast and other settings. From the home view, scroll to and select Settings.
  • Language:
    To select the language you want for your phone, select Settings > Basic > Preferences > Language.
  • Time and Date:
    Choose from a variety of time and date display formats, including options to display, month, or year, or nothing at all. To configure the settings select Settings > Basic > Preferences > Time & Date.
  • Backlight:
    To configure the following brightness settings for your phone's display, select Settings > Basic > Backlight Intensity or Backlight Timeout.
    The available settings are:
    • Backlight On: The brightness of the screen when activite.
    • Backlight Idle: The brightness of the screen when inactivite.
    • Maximum Intensity: The brightness scale for phone activity or inactivity.
    • Backlight Timeout: The number of seconds of inactivity that elapse before the backlight dims to Backlight Idle intensity.
  • Ringtone:
    Personalize your phone's ringtone or select unique ringtones for contacts in your directory to quickly identify callers as your phone rings.

    To change the incoming call ringtone, select Settings > Basic > Ring Type. To hear the ringtone before you change it, press Play.

    To set a ringtone for a contact, select a contact from the directory, and press Edit to update a contact's ring type.
  • Sound Effects:
    Choose whether you hear the phone ringing and call waiting notifications from the handset, headset, or speaker. By default you hear all sound effects from the speaker (except call audio). Select Settings > Basic > Preferences > Audible Ringer.