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  • 1. Click Call Routes.
  • 2. Click Simultaneous Ringing.
  • 3. In the Simultaneous Ringing panel you can change or update multiple options:
    • Set the number of rings.
    • Add up to 4 numbers to ring at the same time.
    • Send call to voicemail.
  • 4. In this example we╩╝ll add a second number to call. Click Other.
  • 5. Click the desired number type.
  • 6. If it is in your personal information the number will be automatically entered, otherwise enter the desired number.
    Note: When entering numbers into the Other fields, you must include any dialing prefixes or access codes if they are required.
  • 7. Click On.
  • 8. Click Ok to save and return to the Home screen.
  • 9. Click Ok.
  • 10. On the Home screen the Routes panel will display the activated route.