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  • Personal Agent lets you make calls to contacts in your personal address book as well as the global address book (if enabled by the system administrator in your domain).

    Using Click To Call, enter a phone number or SIP address of the device where you want to take the call, then enter the called-party number.
  • 1. Use the CALL ME AT drop-down box to select the device where you want to take the call. In this example we╩╝ll use the SIP address.
  • 2. Enter the details of the contact you want to call.
    Note: When entering numbers into the MAKE A CALL TO: field, you must include dialling prefixes or access codes if they are required.
  • 3. Click Call.
  • 4. Personal Agent will call your preferred device.
  • 5. Answer the call on your preferred device.
  • 6. After the call is answered on your preferred device, Personal Agent will put you on hold and call the other party.
  • 7. When the other party answers the call, Personal Agent takes you off hold and joins the calls.