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  • Your personal address book contains the name, SIP address, phone numbers and other details of your contacts. You can define a group for the contact to belong to and whether or not to include the contact in your list of Friends.
  • 1. The Address Book panel is displayed on the Home screen.
  • 2. Click Personal Address Book to switch between your personal address book and the global address book.
  • 3. Click Add to add a contact to the address book.
  • 4. Fill out the desired details for the new contact.
    Note: The Nickname and SIP address details must be added, other details are optional.
  • 5. The new contact can be added to a group if any are defined.
  • 6. Click Show Availability to display the presence status of the new contact.
  • 7. Click Apply.
  • 8. Click Back.
  • 9. The new contact has been added.
  • 10. Select a contact and click More to view the options that can be used with a contact.