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Bell Aliant Unified Communications: Personal Agent

How to add a contact to your address book

Your personal address book contains the name, SIP address, phone numbers and other details of your contacts. You can define a group for the contact to belong to and whether or not to include the contact in your list of Friends.

1. The Address Book panel is displayed on the Home screen.

2. Click Personal Address Book to switch between your personal address book and the global address book.

3. Click Add to add a contact to the address book.

4. Fill out the desired details for the new contact.

Note: The Nickname and SIP address details must be added, other details are optional.

5. The new contact can be added to a group if any are defined.

6. Click Show Availability to display the presence status of the new contact.

7. Click Apply.

8. Click Back.

9. The new contact has been added.

10. Select a contact and click More to view the options that can be used with a contact.