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  • To get started, go to to download and install the software.

    Note: Installation of the PC Phone client may require administrative user privileges.
  • 1. Click Support.
  • 2. Click Unified Communications.
  • 3. Click Download & Installation.
  • 4. Click PC Phone software download.
    Save the installation file to your Download folder (default) or a folder of your choosing.
    • Right-click on the installation file, select Run as Administrator and follow the installation instructions.
  • 5. Select the desired language.
  • 6. Select the option to install for Anyone who uses this computer.
  • 7. Continue the installation by accepting the defaults.
  • 8. After the installation is complete, select the options to Launch the program and Show the readme file, and click Finish.
  • 9. The configuration wizard will launch. Click Next to continue.
    If the application did not launch automatically, you can open the application by selecting Bell Aliant PC Phone from the Windows Start menu.
  • 10. Enter the username provided to you by your administrator. Click Next.
  • 11. Enter the proxy address specific to your province and the domain name provided by your company administrator. Click Next.
    Below are the proxy addresses based on province and connectivity:

    ProvinceData connectivityFibe connectivity
    NS and PE
  • 12. Select your IP address and the connection speed that matches your network connection speed. Click Next.
  • 13. You can test your microphone and speakers to ensure they╩╝re functioning properly.
  • 14. Click Finish to complete configuration.