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  • PC Phone allows you to organize your friends into groups. For example, you can group contacts for a major project into one category, personal contacts in another, and administrative contacts in yet another. When you rename a group the contacts in that group are automatically moved to the renamed group. If you remove a group, the contacts within it are not removed. Those contacts remain in your Friends list but will not be associated with a group.
  • 1. If you do not yet have any groups, click More.
  • 2. Hover over PC Phone and then click Edit Groups.
  • 3. Double-click Add New Group.
  • 4. Enter the name of the new group.
    You can also edit the names of existing groups.
  • 5. Click Close.
  • 6. To add a contact to the group, right-click the desired contact.
  • 7. Click Edit.
  • 8. Click Group.
  • 9. Select the group for your contact from the list.
  • 10. Click Save.
  • 11. The contact has been added to the desired group.