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  • The personal address book helps you manage, track and access information about all of your key contacts.
  • 1. Click Contacts.
  • 2. Click the + icon to add a contact.
  • 3. Enter the contactʼs name and a nickname.
  • 4. Enter a preferred contact number. The default is the SIP address. This is the Unified Communications phone number to reach the contact.
    If you do not specify a SIP address, the PC Phone generates one using the Preferred Contact field. For example, if the preferred contact is “Home phone” with the number 555-5555, a SIP address like “” is generated. The SIP address generated may not be valid, but the system attempts to call the SIP address.

    Complete any of the optional fields:
    • Phone number — home, mobile, pager and fax numbers can be entered.
    • Email — the contactʼs email address.
    • Group — allocate this contact to a group so you can perform single actions to all members of the group.
    • Custom ring — Click on the menu icon to select a ring tone for this contact.
  • 5. Click Save.
  • 6. The new contact is added to the contacts list.