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  • You can set up a conference call by using either the Conference or Join buttons.
  • 1. While on an active call, select More.
  • 2. Select Confrnc.
    This holds the active call.
  • 3. To add another person to the conference, you can dial a number, or select a number from any list.
    You can add a maximum of six people to a conference.
  • 4. When they answer, select More.
  • 5. Select Confrnc again.
  • 6. You are now on an active conference.
    From the lines view you can also:
    • Press Hold to hold all participants.
    • Press End Call to remove yourself from the call, but keep the other participants connected.
    • Press Confrnc to join another caller.
    • Press Lines to return to lines view.