Bell Aliant Unified Communications: Polycom VVX 310

How to set up a conference call

You can set up a conference call by using either the Conference or Join buttons.

1. While on an active call, select More.

2. Select Confrnc.

This holds the active call.

3. To add another person to the conference, you can dial a number, or select a number from any list.

You can add a maximum of six people to a conference.

4. When they answer, select More.

5. Select Confrnc again.

6. You are now on an active conference.

From the lines view you can also:

  • Press Hold to hold all participants.
  • Press End Call to remove yourself from the call, but keep the other participants connected.
  • Press Confrnc to join another caller.
  • Press Lines to return to lines view.