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Commercial Web Tool: Guide to Commercial Web Tool

How to view your receiver activation and deactivation in the Commercial Web Tool

Keep track of your activated and deactivated receivers.

1. From the overview page, open the menu by moving the cursor over Your Profile.

2. Click Equipment Search Tool.

3. Search for a receiver by entering the Receiver number or Smart Card number.

You can refine the results of the search by selecting a Model or Status of the desired receivers. To get all the receivers registered on your account, leave the status blank, click Submit (all the receivers will appear).

4. Click Submit.

5. Review the search results.

6. On the search results page, click the Receiver number to view a summary of the past orders.

7. Review the receiver information and click Back to go back to the search results page.

More information can be seen by clicking a link in the summary.

8. On the search results page, click Deactivate and then click Submit requests to deactivate the receiver. Uncheck the Deactivate box to reactivate a receiver.

Follow up information on the deactivation/reactivation request will be sent by email.