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Bell Total Connect: Mobile App User Guide iPhone

How to use Pull Call

The Pull Call feature allows you to seamlessly transfer a call from your desk phone or desktop app, to your mobile device.

1. While on a call on your desk phone or desktop app, touch the Pull call button on your mobile device.

2. The call will now be disconnected on your desk phone or desktop app and automatically transferred to your mobile device. Pulling a call will not interrupt or disconnect the call.

Depending on settings configured on the Dialing service screen, the call can be pulled to your mobile device as either a VoIP call or a mobile network call.

Note: Pulling a video call using the Pull call option in the dial pad menu will cause the call to be automatically downgraded to an audio call. To keep the video connection, you should instead dial *11 and then tap the camera icon (to pull video) or the phone icon (to pull only the audio).