Bell Total Connect: Mobile App User Guide iPhone

How to start a chat

Note: It is only possible to start a chat with a contact when you are both online.

1. From the Contacts tab, touch on the contact with which you would like to chat. This will open their contact card.

2. Touch on the chat bubble icon beside the contact’s Instant Messaging address to start a chat.

3. You can also start a chat by touching on an entry in your chat history.

4. When the chat screen is open, the top bar shows the name of the contact and their availability status icon. Your messages are presented on a white background while the other party’s messages are presented on a coloured background.

5. The text input field uses auto-correct, auto-capitalization and spell check based on your mobile device’s system settings.

6. You can add a smiley to a message by touching the icon and selecting one of the smiley icons provided.

7. If your device is locked and you receive a new chat message, a notification is displayed on the lock screen accompanied by an alerting sound and vibration (depending on your device’s settings).