Bell Total Connect: Mobile App User Guide iPhone

How to configure Remote Office

The Remote Office feature allows you to make and receive calls from any location while appearing as though you are working from your office desk. When you enable this feature:

  • Your office voicemail will pick up any unanswered calls
  • Your receptionist will be able to “see” when you are on a call
  • Outbound calls made from your Remote Office device will display your work name and office phone number
  • Outbound long-distance charges will be applied based on your office phone number

1. Touch your Personal status icon in the top-left corner of the screen.

2. Touch Call settings.

3. Touch Remote Office.

4. To enable the feature, slide the toggle beside Enable to the right. It will turn green. When enabled, you must also enter a phone number for your incoming calls to be forwarded to in the Remote Office # field.

To disable the feature, slide the toggle to the left. It will turn white.

5. Touch Save to save your changes.