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Bell Total Connect: Guide for users

How to associate yourself as a Hotelling Guest to a Hotelling Host

Once you associate yourself as a Hotelling Guest to a Hotelling Host, you will be able to use the host's primary device as your own to place and receive calls.

1. From the Call management page, click Advanced call settings.

2. Click on Hotelling Guest.

3. Perform a search to find available hosts in your organization.

Note: Click the + or - buttons to add or remove criteria fields to help further refine your search, or leave the search field blank before clicking Search to see the full list of available hosts.

4. Click on your preferred host in the Available hosts column.

5. Click Add to move the host to the Assigned host column.

Note: Only one host can be assigned at a time. To remove a previously associated host, click on the host in the Associated host list and click Remove.

6. If the host has established a time limit, you must check Limit association to enable this time limit, then enter the number of hours you intend to be associated with the host.

Note: The hours entered must be less than or equal to the time limit established by the host. Once the time limit is reached, the association to the host will be released.

7. If the host has not established a time limit, you can establish one by entering a value in the Limit association field.

Note: The maximum time limit that can be assigned is 999 hours.

8. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.