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Bell Total Connect: Guide for administrators

How to add or modify a Polycom Paging Group

1. After logging in, click Call management.

2. Click Paging

3. Click Paging groups — Polycom.

4. Click Add.

You can also choose Edit to modify an existing Polycom Paging Group.

5. Enter a name in the Paging group name text box.

6. Use the Paging group filter drop-down menu to select the group of users from which you will choose users for the Polycom paging group.

Users from different groups cannot be in the same Polycom paging group. The users from your selected filter will be shown in the Available users list.


You can also enter search criteria to find specific users. Any user matching the selected criteria will appear in the Available users list.

8. To assign a user to the Polycom paging group, highlight the user and click Add.

To assign all users shown in the Available users list, click Add all.

9. To remove specific users, select the users in the Assigned users list and click Remove.

To remove all users shown in the Assigned users list, click Remove all.

10. To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.

11. To delete a Polycom paging group, click the Delete button.

This can only be done when modifying an existing group.