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Bell Total Connect: Guide for administrators

How to add a Selective Call Forwarding entry

1. Click Selective call forwarding.

2. Click Add.

3. Name the new entry.

4. Specify the forwarding number you want to use for this entry.

Beside Forward to: select Use default call forward to phone number for all incoming calls matching the criteria on this page to be forwarded to your default forwarding number. Select Forward to another phone number to forward calls to the number specified in the provided textbox.

5. Select a time schedule.

Note: You can define your time schedules using the Call routing schedules feature.

6. Determine which calls will be forwarded to your forwarding number.

If you want all calls you receive forwarded to your forwarding number, select the Any phone number option. To forward only a selected group of phone numbers, click Following phone numbers.

7. To save your changes and return to the previous page, click Save. To exit without saving, click Cancel.