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Bell Total Connect: Guide for administrators

How to add a device template

1. After logging in, click Call management.

2. Click Device Management.

3. Click Set up.

4. Click Add.

5. Select a phone model.

6. Enter a name for the template in the Name text box.

7. Enter a description for the template in the Description text box.

8. If you want to add the mobile soft key to a phone’s display, select Show mobile integration button (Mobile).

9. If you want to add the do not disturb soft key to your phone’s display, select Show do not disturb button (DND).

10. If you want to add the Hotelling soft key to your phone’s display, select Show hotelling button (GuestIn/GuestOut).

Note: The Hotelling soft key is not compatible with the receptionist agent soft key.

11. If you want to add the receptionist agent soft key to your phone’s display, select Show receptionist button (SignIn/SignOut).

Note: The receptionist agent soft key is not compatible with the Hotelling soft key.

12. If you want to increase simultaneous call capacity to five (5) active calls, choose Increase concurrent call capacity.

13. To turn off high-definition (HD) voice on a phone, select Disable HD Voice.

14. Under Lines Label, choose how lines (i.e. main line or Shared Call Appearance) appear on the user’s phone screen.

15. Select a side-car notification option from the Notification dropdown.

16. If you want to enable caller ID on the side-car attendant console, select Show remote caller ID.

17. Select Display on phone to display the incoming calls to monitored lines directly on the phones main screen, like a regular call.

18. If you want to customize the line keys, select Enable flexible line configuration.

19. To customize the number of columns you’d like to appear, click the Number of display columns dropdown.

Note: This option is only available on the VVX500 and VVX600 models.

20. If Enable flexible line configuration is selected, you can click on any line field from the phone display and choose a format.

Choose from the following options:

  • Empty
  • Shared – Shared Call Appearance
  • Monitored – Monitored Line
  • Favourite – Favourites can be defined in the template or set as a user defined

21. Click OK.

22. Click on the Side-car attendant console tab.

23. Click on a key to change the display on your Side-car attendant console.

24. Select the format and click OK.

25. Click Save.