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Bell Aliant Unified Communications: Polycom VVX 410

How to assign a contact entry as a favourite

Favorites are the contacts in your contact directory that you call most often. Favourites appear in the line view, and have a button assigned to them. To make a contact a favorite, you need to assign a index number to it.

1. From the Home view, use the Navigation buttons and select Directories.

2. Select Contact Directory…

3. Highlight the desired contact and select Info.

4. Select Edit.

5. Scroll to and highlight the Favourite Index field.

Select Encoding to type an index number (or select Yes when prompted to automatically accept the next available index number).

6. Select the desired number.

7. Select Save.

8. The star symbol will appear by the selected contact.

9. The selected contact will be added to the favourite list.

The contact now has a star next to its name in the contacts directory and was assigned a speed dial button. To remove a favourite from your list, edit the contact to remove the index number.