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Bell Aliant Unified Communications: Personal Agent

How to set up sequential ringing

1. Click Call Routes.

2. Click Sequential Ringing.

3. In the Sequential Ringing panel you can change or update multiple options:

  • Set the number of rings before calling the next number.
  • Add up to 4 numbers in the order they should be rung.
  • Send call to voicemail.

4. In this example we╩╝ll add a second number to the sequence. Click Other.

5. Click the desired number type.

6. If it is in your personal information the number will be automatically entered, otherwise enter the desired number.

Note: When entering numbers into the Other fields, you must include dialling prefixes or access codes if they are required.

7. Click On.

8. Click Ok to save and return to the Home screen.

9. Click Ok.

10. On the Home screen the Routes panel will display the activated route.