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  • There are two ways to navigate the Bell Total Connect mobile app. The first is using the main menu, which consists of the five icons near the top of the screen that give you quick access to the following call and chat options:
  • The Contacts tab gives you quick access to all of your Bell Total Connect contacts. Tap on a person’s name to view their contact card. From there you can start a chat, make an audio or video call, and more. Your contact list also provides an at-a-glance view of each person’s availability status.
  • The Chat tab shows a list of the chat sessions you’ve been involved in since your last login. The most recent chat is always shown at the top of this list. If you have chatted with one colleague multiple times, all of the chats with that contact are grouped as one item in the list.
  • In the Call tab you will find a dial pad and text field that you can use to enter phone numbers for audio or video calls.
  • The History tab shows a list of your previous calls. Different icons are used to indicate what kind of call it was; green represents an incoming call, blue represents an outgoing call, and red represents a missed call.
  • My Room is an always-available, permanent group chat room that any of your colleagues can join. It also includes a permanent collaboration room as well as an audio conference bridge.
    Note: This feature is available as an add on.