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  • Available from every page within the Web portal, the main navigation menu offers links to the three main sections from which you can manage your Bell Total Connect features and preferences: Overview, My profile, and Call management.
  • The Overview page displays the basic information for your Bell Total Connect account, including your device information, phone number, and current location. The Quick access section of the page also gives you the ability to configure some call management features, such as Call Forwarding and Call Waiting.
  • The My profile page lets you configure personal information including your name, address, language preferences, web portal password and personal phone list. It also gives you access to your organization's user directory and allows you to view and create schedules.
  • The Call management page lets you access and modify your calling features. These features can be activated and configured by clicking on the appropriate feature name and selecting the desired settings.
  • The Download and Support page is where you will find user guides and tutorials, as well as the download page for Bell Total Connect applications.
  • The Help function provides additional details or instructions about the specific page you are accessing.
  • Also available from every page within the Web portal is the top-most menu bar.
  • Click Fran├žais to view the portal's contents in French.
  • Click Log out to exit the portal securely.