• The Hotelling feature allows you to borrow a colleague’s Bell Total Connect phone and make it function with your phone number. In doing so, you can receive and make calls from that location as if you were using your own phone. The Web Portal features associated with this function are divided into two sections; Hotelling Host and Hotelling Guest.

    Hotelling Host
    The Hotelling Host service allows you to share your phone with Hotelling Guests. The feature can be configured by the administrator to allow only users of your same group to see you as an available host, or to allow anyone in your enterprise to borrow your phone as a guest.

    If your phone number appears on other sets with the Shared Call Appearance feature, you cannot be a host.

    When a guest is using your phone, it will not ring if it is normally part of your Simultaneous Ring or Find Me, & Follow Me ring sequence. Features such as Remote Office or Call Forward All Calls will, however, remain enabled on your phone.

    Hotelling Guest
    The Hotelling Guest service allows you to borrow the phone of a Hotelling Host. Doing so is simply a matter of selecting an available host from the list provided on the Hotelling Guest page of the Web Portal and saving the changes. When a host has a guest, his or her line is no longer available for other guests.

    Once you have created the association with a host, incoming calls to your phone number will register on the host’s office phone. All calls placed using the host office phone will use your profile. Your own office phone will not ring for incoming calls, nor will anyone be able to place calls (other than emergency calls) from your own office phone. A visitor at your location could, however, use that phone with his or her credentials if you have permitted this with the Hotelling Host function.