• This feature allows you to 'park' a call against another Bell Total Connect phone number so that it can be retrieved and answered by another user within your enterprise.

    Your Bell Total Connect Web Portal does not have access to a dedicated page for this feature. Your administrator will establish the Call Park settings for all users from his or her version of the Web Portal.

    The administrator can also establish subgroups (referred to as Call Park groups) each with their own specific settings. He or she will advise you if you are a member of a Call Park group.

    Recall settings
    Your administrator can establish recall options that allow a parked call to be redirected when the person to whom the call has been parked against does not answer it. The recall can be sent to the person who initially parked the call (this is the default setting) or to a specified Hunt Group. The recall can also be set to be routed to the Hunt Group after first being sent to the person who initially parked the call.

    Your administrator can also establish the timer for the recall (i.e. the duration a parked call is placed on hold until it is recalled) as well as a distinctive ring that will be heard by the recipient(s) of a recall.