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  • Skype for Business users can integrate their Skype for Business application with Bell Total Connect. This allows users to continue using Skype for Business as usual, with the added benefit of seamlessly making non-Skype for Business calls using their Bell Total Connect service – and being able to access synchronized phone presence status when using their Bell Total Connect phone.
  • 1. First you need to install the Bell Total Connect Desktop app for Skype for Business version, which can be downloaded from the Bell Total Connect portal.
  • 2. Start and sign-in to your Skype for Business application, then start the Bell Total Connect for Skype for Business app.
    It’s a good idea to configure Bell Total Connect to run when your system starts, and to sign-in automatically, so that it always runs in the background when using Skype for Business.
  • 3. You can now make calls to anyone using your Skype for Business application. When making calls to non-Skype for Business contacts, the Bell Total Connect communication window will be used to control the call.