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  • Instant messaging is launched by double-clicking a name in the contact list or by selecting a contact and clicking the Chat icon.
    Note: Depending on your service pack, some features may not apply.
  • As soon as the communication dialog box appears, you can start typing messages.
  • Emoticons can be added to messages by typing the corresponding character codes or by clicking the Emoticon button and choosing the emoticon you want to use.
  • The contact's name, profile image, and presence are shown in the upper part of the dialog box.
  • When a contact is writing a message, the notification "[contact name] is typing‚Ķ" appears as the last line in the chat. Time stamps are added only after a contact has sent a message.
  • Chat history is available via the links in the upper part of the window.
  • A voice or video call is started by using the buttons in the bottom part of the window. Every contact has his or her own communication dialog box. This allows you to send and receive instant messages, voice calls, or video calls from the same window. It is also possible to send instant messages during voice or video calls.