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  • This is the Preferences menu. It has several tabs, each with different settings you can modify:
  • Under the General tab, you can edit your language settings, toggle automatic sign-in and app launch on start-up, toggle confirmation messages when performing actions such as removing a contact, and enable basic or advanced logging for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Under the Audio tab, you can select your playback and recording devices, toggle automatic gain control, and toggle your ring signals and notifications.
  • Under the Video tab, you can configure your video devices and options, including selecting your video-capture device, and video size.
    Note: The quality of your video calls depends on several factors, including Internet bandwidth, your computer’s video card and the type of camera you are using. If you experience poor video quality, change to a smaller video size. Video size changes will not take effect during an active video call.
  • Under the Credentials tab, you can edit your My Room conference and audio bridge settings.
  • Under the Proxy tab, you can toggle between the following settings: no proxy, system proxy or manually entered client proxy.
  • Under the Add-ins tab, you can enable or disable any third-party applications such as the Outlook plug-in.
  • Please note your companyʼs Bell Total Connect administrator may have disabled some options.