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  • Bell Total Connect supports full-screen video calls as well as high-definition video.

    Please note that video calls are only possible with other Bell Total Connect users. You must connect a video-capture device such as a webcam for the video options to become available.

    Video calls are initiated by:
  • Selecting a contact from the contact list and clicking the Video Call icon
  • Right-clicking on a contact from the contact list and selecting Video Call
  • Answering a video call (received just like a voice call) from another Bell Total Connect user
  • During video calls, you can:
    • Adjust the call volume
    • Mute the microphone
    • Hold and resume the call
    • Switch to voice only
    • Send instant messages
    • Hang up the call
    • Add participants to the call
    • Note: Adding participants automatically switches the call to audio only.