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  • The Bell Total Connect desktop app includes a range of voice, video, instant messaging and presence features that allow users to make and receive business calls from anywhere with Internet access. Administrators can select the features they would like to enable for users in their company. These settings can be applied to all users, designated groups or individual users as required.
  • Log in to the Bell Total Connect Web Portal at
  • Click Administration.
  • Click Bell Total Connect desktop app user settings.
  • Default application: This lets you select which desktop application is available in the download page for the user; the standard Bell Total Connect desktop app or the Bell Total Connect app for Skype for Business users.
    The Bell Total Connect for Skype for Business option will always have some features automatically enabled (Minimize after login, and Show communication window) and some features automatically disabled (Instant messaging, Outlook integration and File transfer).
  • Voice calls: This option lets users make and receive voice calls through the desktop app.
  • Video calls: This allows users to make and receive video calls through the desktop app.
    Note: You can make video calls only to other Bell Total Connect users. A video-capture device such as a webcam needs to be connected for video options to become available.
  • Outlook Integration: This option allows users to integrate the desktop app with their Microsoft Outlook contact lists and calendars.
  • Minimize after login: This option will minimize the desktop app after the user has logged in.
  • Check for updates: This option allows the desktop app to automatically prompt users to download the newest version when an update is available. This option should be disabled if users do not have administrator rights on their computer.
  • Show audio communication window: This option will enable a pop-up window when placing and receiving audio calls.
  • Instant messaging: With this option, users can send instant messages and chat in real-time with other Bell Total Connect users.
  • Prevent clickable links: This option disables clickable links in instant messaging conversations.
  • File transfer: This option allows users to send files to other Bell Total Connect users in the company via the desktop app.
  • Limit file extension: If File transfer is enabled, you can set a maximum file size limit in bytes (e.g., if you want to cap the File transfer limit to 10 MB, enter 10485760 in the field).
  • To save your changes, click Save and you will be returned to the previous page. To exit without saving, click Cancel.