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  • The Polycom expansion module will turn your Polycom VVX 500/501/600 IP phone into a high-performance attendant console.
  • Line buttons:
    • Selects available line contacts, functions and assignments.
  • LED indicators:
    • Indicates line status.
    LED indicators are as follows:
    • Solid green: Active call
    • Fast-flashing green: Incoming call
    • Flashing green: Call placed on hold by the remote party
    • Solid red: Off-hook, placing a call or in a call
    • Flashing red: Call on hold
  • Page keys:
    • Navigate between pages on the expansion module.
  • LED page indicators:
    • Indicates a page╩╝s status.
    Page indicators are as follows:
    • Fast-flashing green: Incoming call on a page not currently displayed. Press the page key with fast-flashing green LED indicator to view the contrast with an incoming call
    • Slow-flashing green: Monitored contact on a page not currently displayed is receiving an incoming call
    • Solid red: Current page displayed
  • Base stand:
    • Hooks into the back of the expansion module to make the display stand up.