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  • 1. Click Meet Me Conferencing.
  • 2. Click Preferences.
  • 3. Select or deselect the desired options.
    Allow fast start: When enabled, this option allows participants to join your bridge without having you join first. When fast start is disabled, participants need to wait until you join the conference bridge before they can start.
    End Conference when the Chairperson disconnects: When enabled, this option will end the conference and remove all participants when you hang up. Disabling it will allow the conference to continue when you hang up.
    Send me instant messages when I am the Chairperson: When enabled, this option will send instant message to your PC Phone and/or mobile client when a participant joins your bridge.
    Allow audio emoticons on my Conference: When enabled, this allows participants to use the phone key pad (*20 through *29) to play pre-recorded audio emoticons (e.g., *20 – clapping, *21 – booing, *22 – laughing, etc…).
  • 4. Click Apply.
  • 5. The Meet Me Conferencing preferences have been updated. Click OK.